To sum up. Assuming I can add up

I did mention, oh….a year or two ago….. that I would like to design and build the Best Amplifier In the World. I didn’t? Well, I meant to. It’s your fault if you can’t follow simple smoke signals and temporal-time-warp-speke.

We have actually got some little way into our Best Amplifier….blah…blah…design.

Mr. Dumble based his designs on somebody else’s (Leo, no less), and a stratospheric pricing philosophy. There’s no doubt if you’re going to copy somebody (allegedly) you would be sensible to make sure that the ‘somebody’ knew what they were doing. There would be no point codging your neighbour in the next desk’s answers to your French exam if he happened to be doing the geography of Beijing.

The overiding piece of understanding we need (stratospheric pricing philosophies notwithstanding) is that we have so far loosely put together a number of parts.

Mains input transformer primary…goes to secondary…..goes to rectifier….goes to smoothing. IT IS MODULAR !!!!! And so is the rest of our Best Amp in the….blah, blah.

The power amp section of a solid state amp is less simple to section off into a modular form, because there are so many negative feedback loops (ac and dc), but it is still modular in essence.

So we have got as far as the smoothing section in our Best….blah, blah. What next?

Well, staying within our so far unmathematical approach, we get to the decoupling stages of the various dc rails, which supply the different preamps and power amp.

Onwards and upwards…………

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