‘Tis the Season to be Morbid

Look, I’m sorry, but in my book Scrooge was one of the good guys. Anybody who can blame a ghostly attack on indigestion just can’t be all bad.

Just to show you that I am truly penitent, I’ll sing you a carol.

“In the bleak mid-Waitrose, Asda winds may blow. In the car park at Tesco, people turn to stone.” (Sung to ‘In the Bleak Mid winter’)

As I am over the age of sixteen, I have to prove myself worthy of my next breath. So here’s a list of things that I have fixed over the last three weeks, or so.

1950 Watkins Westminster, Echolette NG51 tape echo, Fender Acoustasonic, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Universal Audio valve preamp, Peavey Delta Blues Combo, Orange AD30TC,Trace Elliott 150 bass head, Kef Subwoofer amp, WEM dominator mk3, Sony Pro Walkman, Peavey Deuce,Orange Tiny Terror.

There hasn’t been much action on the blog, and sincere apologies to all those daft enough to read them. In the New Year, there will be astonishing revelations. Can’t for the life me remember what they are…….But certainly related to macaroons. Hopefully.




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