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I have long nurtured the idea of being a political commentator. But I do have significant problems with this, before I even get out of bed. The first one being that I don’t know any. I know that there should be a prime minister (somewhere) but I don’t  know who they are. No, really. The nearest I get to knowing one, is the bloke with the platinum blonde yardbrush on his head. And I only know him because of a ’70′s Who song (‘Boris the Spider’).  But you can spot him from quite a distance and take evasive action.

You can spot any of them from quite a distance because they talk rubbish through a megaphone. None of which explains why I don’t know any. That’s even though I pay them, (which is very galling because I don’t know what for).

The reason I don’t know any is because I fall asleep just looking at them. Excepting the really, really stupid ones (there is one called after an anal explosion I think), they are all incredibly boring. And worse than that, for anybody in electronics. They make no sense.

The thing about electronics is that you just can’t bullshit your way out of a being an idiot. It’s no good saying to this non-working piece of printed circuit board ‘It’s the Conservative party’s fault because…..blah….blah….blah’. Unless you can reason your way through a problem that seems to make no sense, it is never going to work, you are not going to eat for the week, and people will be knocking at your door with knuckledusters.

Whereas, if you spout total cobblers for long enough, people fall asleep, and you don’t have to make sense. I rest my case.

What is even more of a problem is that it’s not really very funny (so I don’t get a macaroon). That is because these folks ( that I don’t know) have, can, and will in the future I have no doubt, get us shot at. By the million. By telephone (or email etc.). Without even rearranging their hair appointment.

So, by staring fixedly at a piece of circuit board that doesn’t work, I can blame somebody else.

Bad day. I’ll find something useful for the next one. That’ll be a first.


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