Beware…..the Vox Concert 501 !

I do carp on a bit sometimes. You noticed? Ah, Shakespear had to write a ton of stuff to get noticed, I just have write a few sentences of drivel to get your attention.

This particular carping is regarding the afore-mentioned 1980′s Vox Concert 501. I can only think of one thing worse than not having a schematic for a piece of gear. And that is when you think you have a schematic, but, in fact, you don’t. This drawing had ‘Vox Concert 501′ written on the bottom, I had a combo in the workshop with ‘Vox Concert 501′ plastered all over it; but it may as well have been a ‘Mongoose Training for Beginners’ manual for all the use it was. Unfortunately, being a trusting sort, I thought it was the real McCoy. Until I discovered there were chips in it.

None in the schematic though. “Oh-oh” I belatedly thought. That was when I found that the third valve stage wasn’t there. At all.

Yes, I admit, I watched snails speeding past me as I wrestled with the fact that the drawing just didn’t fit what I had on the bench. From this demoralising situation, I managed to gain a positive thought. “Burn the schematic” was my best shot.

Even worse than all that, there was a switching transistor missing. This dealt with reverb footswitch operation. I hadn’t the faintest idea what it was, so I concocted a hard wired resistive network. I was convinced that this would introduce switching noise. But it didn’t!

So what the transistor (whatever it was) was for, I’ve no idea.

I most definitely get a tea-laden macaroon for that one, even if only as an anti-frustration measure.

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