So you think that’s Smooth-er

This promises to plod along the same tedious route as the last (So you think…..). But WILL IT? You might well ask. Or maybe not, if you have some fascinating alternative pending. Say, sorting out your sock drawer, for instance.

I had a sudden, and alarming brainstorm. A very bad thing to happen if you’re in carpet slippers; your sock drawer can become a thing of the past. No bad thing in my case.

I’ve been drawing symbols for things like resisistors and capacitors, diodes and the like, and we don’t actually know what one looks like. This sort scatterbrained thinking can be VERY DANGEROUS. Frank Zappa said so in ‘the Dangerous Kitchen’. For instance; let’s say you’ve been taking notes about a symbol for a dog. You go to pat said dog in a friendly manner, and it takes your arm off because it turns out to be an alligator. Come to think of it, it could also have been my grandma.┬áIn the interests of a full complement of limbs, here’s a picture.